Memorabilia Terms of sale

Return/Cancellation period

・Returns and refunds are possible within 7 days after the item arrives.
・In the unlikely event that a false statement is found in the certificate, the amount stated on the receipt will be refunded regardless of the period. Returned items for any other reason will be within 7 days after the item arrives.
・If you want to "cancel" the ordered product, please contact us. However, if it has been shipped from the distribution center, it will be treated as "returned goods".

Notes on returned or exchanged

・Please return or cancel the product within 7 days after it arrives.
・If you wish to return or cancel, please be sure to contact us before returning the item.
・Please return the product and its accessories (certificate, delivery note, etc.) to the original condition, and return it together with the product.
・Please keep a copy of the delivery slip used when returning the product, as we may contact you later.

Request for return shipping

・In the case of returns or exchanges due to the customer's reason, the return shipping fee will be borne by the customer. (Example) When the ordered product is no longer needed
・If you want to return or exchange for the reason of our shop, our shop will bear the shipping cost. (Example) If the product is different from the ordered product, or if it is damaged during transportation, etc.

Cases we do not accept returns or exchanges

・Products that have been used once, or products that have been damaged under the customer.
・Return and exchange for customer's reason when ordering framed items
・Returns and exchanges due to individual differences in handwritten signature (position, shape, size, fading, presence of magic marks, etc.)
*Products are inspected and received in each country, but the quality may be inferior when compared to Japanese products. Please understand that quality judgments vary from country to country.


We take great care in this shop, but there may be some scratches etc. due to exhibit sales. At our shop, we take these into consideration and clean the products that we can offer as products before delivering.